Pezoa, A. "Virtue Ethics and Political Ethics: The Relationship between Politics, Ethics and Economics". In: Sison, A., Beabout, G. & Ferrero, I.(eds.). Handbook of Virtue Ethics in Business and Management. Springer, 2017, pp. 1331-1341.

Ética Empresarial

This volume examines the breadth and depth of virtue ethics and aims to counter the virtue ethics amnesia that both afflicts general moral philosophy and affects business and management ethics. Divided into two parts, the handbook starts out with a historical introduction and chronology of the development of virtue ethics, providing a comprehensive assessment of its evolution and identifying the most influential authors and their works. The authors discussed include those who follow a philosophical or conceptual tradition in their treatment of virtue and those who belong to the research tradition of positive science, in particular, empirical, quantitative and applied psychology. The second part of the book discusses systematic approaches and major themes developed in virtue ethics. These contributions are conceptual, empirical/applied or case studies. They offer insight into the different topics to which virtue ethics has been applied, and show how virtue ethics has influenced the various operational areas of firms. Finally, they examine the virtue ethics responses to some of the most important issues that businesses and organizations face in the 21st century.​


Álvaro Pezoa

Fecha de Publicación:

01 de enero del 2017